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New Delhi, India


1980: Born.
1997: Bought first SLR.
2001: Graduated with a degree in software. Worked for a year in an MNC. Got frustrated working on a desk. Quit.
2002: Learnt photography properly at School of Fototechnik. Assisted photographer Atul Sharma.
2003: Started on my own.
2003-2005: Struggled to make ends meet.
2005: Shot stills for Rituparno Ghosh’s movie Khela. Spent 1 month on set.
2006: Work took off.
2006-Present: Did bigger shoots, found better clients, met amazing creative people, worked on interesting concepts, had a few exhibitions and got quite a few awards.

Constantly: Read, laugh, create stories, evolve.

Always: Give 100%. And then some more. And have fun while doing it.

2023 update: Have started directing videos! Check the VIDEOS section.

Amit Dey